Kirimoto Wooden Craft Workshop

From the late Edo period to the Meiji period, this company manufactured and sold Wajima laquerware, and from the early Showa period, Kyuko Kirimoto founded a business specializing in carving the core wooden fittings.
The second generation, Toshihei, built a factory where not only wooden cores for lacquerware but also a wide variety of furniture was produced.
The third generation, Taiichi, majored in product design in university and worked in office planning for another company before returning to Wajima. After apprenticing as a wood core maker for four and a half years, and helped Toshihei manage the business while producing wood modeling proposals, design proposals, and overall direction of lacquer production.
While keeping the regular work of making wooden fittings, he also works together with the young craftspeople who are in their 30s and 40s, making lacquer vessels, small articles, furniture, and interior elements, exploring the possibilities of lacquer as a part of modern lifestyles.

32 Naritsubo, Sugihiramachi, Wajima-City, Ishikawa , 928-0011, Japan
Tel :+81 768 22 0842
Fax:+81 768 22 5842

▶ Craftspeople & Staff

Urushi Office

In May, 2009, in Tokyo’s Takahashi neighborhood in Koto Ward, the Urushi Office was established.Wood grain and lacquer, cloth and lacquer, Japanese paper and lacquer, diatomaceous earth and lacquer…
wiped lacquer on the floor, to lacquered walls, doors, and tabletops… Come see the possibilities for using lacquer in an interior.
Contact us to reserve the room for viewing or to talk business.

302, 1-4-11, Shin-ohashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo,
135-0007, Japan
Tel & Fax:+81 33631 0281

WAJIMA KIRIMOTO・Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

In October 2004, on the 5th floor of Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store, The Wajima Kirimoto Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi shop, based on handmade wood and lacquerware, was opened in J Spirits.
We aim to make objects that can grow along with the user, and can always be used with affection. Talk to the shop staff about special orders for furniture and tabletops.

5th Floor, 1-4-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8001, Japan
Tel :+81 33274 8527
Fax:+81 33274 8204


This place used to be a factory of Kirimoto untill 1972. It was re-opened as the Kirimoto wooden craft workshop Honmachi Store. Various "wooden core products (pre-painted)" which there are few opportunities to see are also sold.
Since you can see the work of "wood and lacquer" being created which is the starting point of the Kirimoto wooden craft workshop, please drop in when you visit Wajima.

1-172 Kawaimachi, Wajima-city, Ishikawa,
928-0001, Japan
Tel & Fax:+81 768 22 7494


Kuratsukisha, a wooden apartment building built in the late1960s, has been renovated. Wajima Kirimoto Kanazawa Store opened here in June 2011.
We hope the "Wajima Kirimoto Kanazawa Store" will expand and we hope it is a place that will generate interest in Wajima Kirimoto’s work of wood and lacquer. We also hope to make it a place where people can meet and connect through events of Noto and Wajima and we encourage any other hot topics of the day to be discussed in our friendly atmosphere. All the staff members are very much looking forward to seeing you in Kanazawa.

56-3 Kuratsukisya C-1, Ibaraki-machi, Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa 920-0994 Japan
Tel & Fax:+81 76 254 0058